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Cost Vs. Value in Portland Oregon

by Wendy Boso on November 3, 2015

Have you been thinking about remodeling your home to increase the value, but are unsure about where to invest your money?  Well I am sharing the top 5 house projects that give you the best return on investment according to

  1. Entry Door Replacement            Cost: $1,366  |   Resale Value: $1,683   |  Cost Recouped: 123.0%
  2. Garage Door Replacement         Cost: $1,756   |  Resale Value: $1,929    |  Cost Recouped: 110.0%
  3. Stone Veneer Accent                   Cost: $7,258   |  Resale Value: $7,808   |  Cost Recouped: 107.6%
  4. Minor Kitchen Remodel             Cost: $21,497 |  Resale Value: $21,987  | Cost Recouped: 102.3%
  5. Deck Addition                               Cost: $11,685 |  Resale Value: $11,828  | Cost Recouped: 101.2%

Of course, more is involved in home value than just money put into one or two projects.  If you’re curious as to what your home value is, call me and we can talk about it! I’d love to put together a CMA for you.

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