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It is important for me to understand your wants, needs and motivations behind your home search.  I want to help you narrow down your search into viable options we will tour and write an offer for.  Your time is valuable to many things including work & family.  I would like to take just a little time to show you what the market has to offer within your parameters.

Questions that will help me find the perfect home for you: 

Printable List of Questions

Where would you like to live? If we found everything in a home not in your specified area would you consider living there?


Do you have a deadline that you need to be in your new home?


What price range are you looking?


Have you been pre-qualifed by a lender? We will need this to make a viable offer.


Do you have dogs?  Or need a fenced yard?


Do you like to garden or work on landscaping?


What is the size of the home you are looking for?(Sq. Ft)


What number of bedrooms and bathrooms do you have in mind?


Is there a particular style of home that you would like?  What kind won’t you consider?


Is a woodstove or fireplace part of your perfect match? Would they disqualify?


Are schools important?


Is low traffic important to you or would you choose a busier street if the home fit into your perfect home?


Where do you work? Is being close to downtown important?


What kinds of businesses would you like within walking distance?