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  • General Inspection – $300-450
  • Sewer Scope – $125
  • Oil Tank Locate – $50 / Soil Test – $200
  • Radon Testing – $125


Earnest Money

  • Usually due within 3 business days after Mutual Acceptance (the time the Seller and Buyer come to an agreement and are in contract). Earnest money is negotiable and when it is due is negotiable. Many of my clients offer 1% of the sale for the Earnest money, however there is no standard. The Earnest Money goes towards your down payment.


Home Warranty

  • I highly recommend my clients purchase their own home warranty if the Seller will not buy them one. They currently cost $355-390. I recommend the $390 option. Please refer to the AHS brochure in your Buyer’s Packet. The home warranty is paid through closing.



  • I usually wait until after the home inspection contingency period before I ask your Mortgage Broker to order the appraisal. They cost between $400-600. This may be prepaid & credited back at closing.


Contingency Periods
Not all of the following apply to every transaction.

Title Report: 5 business days after it is received.

Seller’s Disclosures: 5 business days after they are received.

Inspection Report: 5-10 business days after mutual acceptance (this time period is negotiable).

Lead-Based Paint: 10 business days after mutual acceptance (only applies to homes built prior to 1978).

CC&R: (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) 5 business days after we receive them.


Wendy Boso, Principal Broker