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Attending Ohio State University and obtaining a degree in Fashion Design has helped me realize the importance of staging and professional photography. Since buying and selling is based mostly on emotion, playing into that sensory response is key to obtaining a sale as a seller.

When you live in a home, you get used to seeing your possessions everywhere. Stacked up, stowed, stored. Everywhere. To a potential buyer, it’s clutter. Lots of clutter. Staging allows a buyer to envision their life in the home, rather than feeling like an intruder in yours. Coupled with professional photography, your home will stand out and attract serious buyers.

Staged Homes Sell Faster AND For More $$
  • Showcasing your home means it will stand out from other listings
  • Only 10% of home buyers can envision a homes’ potential
  • Staged Homes spend 50% less time on the market than unstaged homes
  • Staging a home is cheaper than your 1st price reduction
  • Staged homes sell for over 7% more than unstaged ones

Onstage Online

  • Pre-Inspection helps sellers better evaluate what repairs the buyers may request & also gives a seller time to fix before listing
  • Gives sellers time to acquire estimates for repairs
  • Gives sellers more information on how to better price property in current condition

Wini Home Inspection Services

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