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Getting your home ready to sell for less than $1000

Alright....You're on a limited budget to get things in tip top shape, so you're going to have to donate something else! YOUR TIME!

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! You bought a house most likely when you didn't think you could afford one, and now 2,4, or however many years later, it's time to move on. Upward and onward hopefully! This house is like a cloudy gem. She just needs a little shine and someone will see her inner beauty, basically the same reason you fell for her. We are talking about the house right?????

Step 1: Make a list of all the "problem areas." Some of these will be able to be fixed, some of them won't but you'll be able to prioritize the repairs and budgets associated.

Step 2: CLEAN HER UP! Wash her face, touch up her lipstick, and put on some new clothes. I mean bedding & pillows. Wash the exterior, windows and repaint the front door. Add some potted plants and a new front mat, make sure the keys work easily to unlock the door. The inside job here is for a professional cleaner. This will most likely cost $300 or so. It's well worth it and they will make sure all the details are in order when they are done. From baseboards to the range grates, she will be spic & span! Get some lock lube or graphite spray ($8) to make the front door open like a dream. The last thing you want are the buyers waiting around wondering what else doesn't work here when you're realtor can't seem to open the door.

Step 3: Take a peek at the problem list and choose a few things that can be tackled by a handyman, Changing out lights? Replacing bathroom cabinets? Skim coating the cracked ceiling? Fixing the leaky faucet or running toilet? Switching out door hardware? Replacing broken tiles? I could go on but you know what you need to do...…...

Step 4: Take a few days to work on the yard. Tidy it up as much as you can, make it easy to see the house from the street and make sure accessibility is as close to 10 as possible. If the gate needs a new hinge or sanding to open properly, take care of this. I can't believe I'm saying this but please, pick up the poop. The last thing you want is a buyer walking it into your home! And weed...…….. These are the first impressions buyers will have when they arrive to view your home.

Step #5: Work with a realtor that includes staging COMPLIMENTARY......aka MOI! I'll most likely ask you to pack up some belongings and put them in the garage or basement to make space for the "Emotional Connection and Lifestyle" we are trying to appeal. I know in these moments you may ask yourself, "What's wrong with my stuff?" The answer is: NOTHING! But I want you to make the most amount of money you can, and I'm sure you'd also agree that if you had the opportunity to make more, you'd take it. It's not personal, and these buyers aren't buying or approving of your lifestyle. They're buying your home, so let's give yourself the best opportunity to make the most!

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